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We'll Repair, Restore Or Remove Any Popcorn Ceiling.
We'll remove the old popcorn from your ceiling, repair any hidden damage then finish it to a smooth paintable finish, a Level 4 finish or apply the new ceiling texture of your choosing.
The deconstruction and reconstruction of an entire popcorn ceiling is a construction project that can generate over 1,000 pound of dust and debris. We'll keep your home clean by removing all debris and dust constantly and when we're done we'll it clean it up again and haul everything away. For your peace of mind our crew uses a dedicated cleaner who's only job is to keep the work area clean. As low as $1.00 per square foot. All equipment, materials and labor are included.

From Small Simple Repairs To Custom Remodels.
Over 30 years drywall experience gives us the skill set to handle any drywall problem or interior redesign. With rounded bullnose outside corners or rounded inside corners we can change the look and feel of any room in your house. Don't like standard textures? Call us and we'll design one just for your project. Need the texture removed from your walls and ceilings? We can do that too. We offer the finest quality drywall work at a realistic price in a reasonable amount of time.
We Match Most Wall & Ceiling Textures.
Need a textured wall or ceiling repaired? We have the experience to do it right the first time. In addition to machine textures like Popcorn, Orange Peel or Knockdown we also apply many hand textures. Our hand textures include most Skip Trowels, Adobe and Santa Fe designs along with Crows Foot, Brush and Stipple patterns.
Crows Foot - Brush - Stipple
Skip Trowel
We Repair Drywall & Plaster Walls And Ceilings.
We specialize in repairing wall and ceilings in furnished and occupied homes. We also repair or restore to a smooth finish, textured walls and ceilings with brush textures, stipples, crows foot and painted popcorn.

We're Professional, Fast, Clean & Always On Time.
With a fully supplied truck and over 30 years experience many of our drywall or plaster repairs can be 100% complete in under five hours with only one visit required. If more than one trip is required to complete the repair we'll perform the work around a schedule that works best for your home life, your work requirements and your personal life.

We Can Finish Your Attic Or Basement With New Drywall.
Attics and basements can have sheetrock installed and finished with a basic smooth finish or with a machine texture applied for as low $25.00 per 4' x 8' board with a 100 board count minimum. We also install trim, insulation and paint.

Need Sheetrock Installed In Your Garage?
There are many garages in the Greenville area that only have the drywall hung and taped in the specific areas requiring fire protection. We can hang the rest of the garage, tape the new boards and finish the entire garage to your specifications.
Orange Peel
We're Drywall & Plaster Mechanics, Not House Painters.
Unlike many Painters or Handymen in the Greenville area we won't just cover the damage with a patch from the local hardware store. We'll rebuild the damaged wall or ceiling while insuring the framing and insulation are free from water damage, mold and meet building and fire safety codes. Plus we can paint any of our repairs using a quality latex paint.
Fully Licensed and Insured   -  Over Thirty Years Experience   -   Weekend Scheduling Is Available
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